Month: March 2014

Spring has Sprung

{Thrift Dress, Aldo Bag, Jeffrey Campbell Heels, Forever 21 earrings, bracelet, and necklace, Marc Jacobs watch} For days I have been anticipating this day. The first day of spring, it is the opportunity of new beginnings: The Flowers are starting to blossom, the time change, and the sunshine is coming out a bit more which means I get to wear more dresses.  Hello brighter colors and catch you later dear coats.  My inspiration to my “Hello to Spring” is my thrift Dress, which is crazy to believe that I found this dress at the amazing price of five dollars. I am now trying to find new hairstyles, it was one of the reasons why I am letting my hair grow, their is a lot of versatility. The location is a place that I have always looked at, but have never had the opportunity to visit.  The Walt Disney Hall is architecturally beautiful.  Every angle of this location is different it reminded me of a House of mirrors.    

I left my Heart in San Francisco

{Levis Pants, Vintage Leopard Jacket, Target shirt, Target Sunglasses, Cathy Jean Boots, Forever 21 earrings and ring} Ok so maybe I’m a bit obsessed with this city, so much so that I have dedicated three separate entrees to it. Yes its that magical and yes you should go and see for yourself what I am talking about.  The title speaks for itself, so far I have left my heart in San Fran everything about it was perfect, what made it even more perfect is that I had the opportunity to share these moments with my love. I dont know what it was, but this city brought my wild rock and roller side… literally I’m wearing leopard jacket..This outfit was a bit more risky to something I would not normally wear, honestly I loved that I took that risk. 

China Town

  {Vintage Jacket, Forever 21 sweater, Levis Jeggins, Cathy Jean boots} The afternoon in this beautiful city is unexplainable.  I finally understand what Mark Twain meant when he said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  I am so use to my LA weather, which is nothing below 70 degrees. I was so glad that i packed layer upon layers of extra jackets.   Even though I was cold the rays of the sun illuminated the city in a way that I have never seen before. In honor of the city I had to continue with boho style.  It was the perfect moment to wear my faux fur jacket it was super warm.  Walking on this street it reminded me of the Jack Nicholson movie, besides the title of the movie, I think it was the fact that the streets were busy.  Every corner had something to offer.  We finally stopped and ate at R& G Lounge restaurant.  It was hands down the best Chinese Food I have ever had. …

Road trip to San Francisco

{Minnetonka boots, Target Jeans, Thrift Store Sweater, Sailor Hat, Target Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs watch} I love being able to have spontaneous adventures with my boyfriend.  It is one of those things that really defined our relationship.  We listened to our favorite jams and road down on PCH; talked about things that normally we dont get the chance to do with our busy schedules.   Driving to San Francisco was a great experience, so many happy cows and beautiful beaches.  I had the song by Scott Mckenzie in my mind the whole time.  The experience like the song by Mckenzie, so relaxing full of awe.  I wanted to symbolize the vibes of being free spirited with my outfit, which by the way was extremely comfortable. Thank you for stopping by make sure you leave a lovely comment, XOXO Charms of Penny   

Romanticism in The Getty

Forever 21 dress/ Vintage sunglasses and earrings/Urban Outfitters bag/Zigi Girl sandals A challenge that I face in these new transition of my life is finding inspirations from the simplest pose to one of the most important things: locations.  I remembered that when I was younger I enjoyed going to different art museums  and witnessing with my own eyes the beautiful art pieces that famous painters had left behind as a memory of who they were and what they contributed to their life. My outfit was inspiration to a mix from the 70s and a greek goddess.  I knew that the location that I was heading to this weekend had gorgeous garden. My dress was a representation of one of my favorite parts of The Getty Museum, so i tried my best to find in my closet a dress that matched the garden.  I don’t know what it was about this weekend, maybe it was the weather or the time change, but the beauty of this location was picture perfect.

Oscars Night

Fashions night out, is the time of the year that I look forward to.  This event has turned into a tradition for both my boyfriend and I.  I love sitting at home with my comfy clothes and watching all the beautiful dresses that the actresses will be wearing that evening.  I thought I would show you a couple of things my boyfriend and I created just to make that night a bit more glamorous for us. Nachos is an appetizer that my boyfriend had been craving for weeks.  I took this night as an opportunity to make these cheesy food. To make the Nachos: Refried beans Grilled Chicken Grilled Bell Peppers with Onions Nacho Cheese Reduced fat tortilla chips For dessert delicious peach flavored Stella Rosa and Girl Scout cookies.  Just to make it a little bit more cute we added cut lemons and strawberries.  This ended the night with a bang!

Waiting on a Fairy Tale

(Urban Outfitter Dress, Marc Jacobs oxfords, Vintage Straw Hat, Ray Ban Sunnies) The Huntington Library is the place in Los Angeles that is constant reminder that someday I have to travel.  It is a place where it has a combination of Royalty, all things precious, and beautiful Asian gardens.  Just to compliment the look I wore a more vintage look it consisted of a polkadot dress ( my favorite pattern) my penny shoes and straw hat.  Its funny to think that this look came together in a matter of 5 minutes. Its funny, but those are the best looks.