About Me


Hello everyone!!!! my name is Lily or Liliana Tapia.  I am a proud Mexican, a wedding photographer, and college student from Los Angeles, California. This blog is a glimpse at the joys of my life.  My view of life is expressed through my fashion, my music, and hobbies.  I believe in having pieces of clothing that have authenticity and simply bring joy when I wear them.  I  have a huge passion for fashion and fitness.

This blog is a glimpse at the joys of my life.  My joys of life are expressed through my fashion, travels, my music, and hobbies.

I strongly believe in living life to the rhythm of your own drum and to enjoying the unexpected small pleasures that it brings.

Of course, my family and culture are very important, it is the foundation of who I am.

Ambition and dedication are the driving force of who I am and what pushed me to become an entrepreneur. I am confident in the way my life is shaping and the choices I have made!

This blog is a place where I can unwind my creativity and dream.

I am excited to share this blog with you all.  Thank you for stopping by.

The rest “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be!”

Please excuse my grammar, I am not an English major.


  1. Alissa Kirkwood says

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! 😀 I’m in love with yours already, *clicks follow*

  2. A fabulous blog Lily!! And i am in love with the About page pic of urs 🙂 its just awesome 🙂 u look so very pretty!
    i am so happy to follow this stylish and beautiful blog :)))
    look forward to many more 🙂

  3. Hi dear,
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    I’ve visited your blog for many times and find that you’re gorgeous in every post.
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    • Hi Kiki!! thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog. I am beyond grateful that you have liked the entries that I have posted in Charms of Penny. I am in love with the your website and line of clothing it completely goes with my personality. I am interested in forming a partnership with you Ms. Kiki I will send you an email in a few moments so we can stay in contact. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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