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The Foggy Road

     There is something about the fog that makes its surroundings so peculiar.  The morning of this shoot reminded me of the perfect setting for an Edgar Allan Poe story mysterious, but alluring at the same time.  I am so glad I had my yellow coat, with out I think I would blend in with the sea of haze.

Holiday Cheers

In two days we will all be gathered with our families to enjoy the holiday season. Can you believe it?! I am amazed at how fast time flies.  I love how winter allows us to put on layers of clothing.  We are able to mix textures, patterns, and colors all on one outfit. Let me say do not go over board with the patterns! Here is my representation of my holiday outfit in LA. Christmas in LA: there is no better place to feel the holiday cheer. All of the lights in Down town LA the music its simply perfection. Hope you all enjoy the beautiful holiday season.  I know I will I can’t wait for the tamales and champurado and of course to see my entire family. Merry Christmas to all, Follow me on IG Ligerlily18 to see my christmas adventure. XOXO

Catch You Later Sweater Weather

  {Cropped Sweater: TJ Maxx, Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Buffalo Exchange} Its a bitter sweet good bye.. or better yet to say catch you later my comfy sweaters and layers.  I look forward to what summer has in store for me.  So many new opportunities have opened up and soon I will be able to share the news with you guys.  As of now I shall keep it in the down low because I dont want to jinks this new opportunity. Yes ladies and gents I am a very superstitious woman. I hope you all enjoy your week and Happy Monday, xoxo, Charms of Penny

China Town

  {Vintage Jacket, Forever 21 sweater, Levis Jeggins, Cathy Jean boots} The afternoon in this beautiful city is unexplainable.  I finally understand what Mark Twain meant when he said, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”  I am so use to my LA weather, which is nothing below 70 degrees. I was so glad that i packed layer upon layers of extra jackets.   Even though I was cold the rays of the sun illuminated the city in a way that I have never seen before. In honor of the city I had to continue with boho style.  It was the perfect moment to wear my faux fur jacket it was super warm.  Walking on this street it reminded me of the Jack Nicholson movie, besides the title of the movie, I think it was the fact that the streets were busy.  Every corner had something to offer.  We finally stopped and ate at R& G Lounge restaurant.  It was hands down the best Chinese Food I have ever had. …