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Dreaming In Pink


{Forever 21 sunglasses and dress, Jeffrey Campbell heels, Ivanka Trump purse}

I have a love hate relationship with the color pink.  Its one of those things that I hate to admit that I love.  The color is to darn chic to avoid.  Since it is spring I think that this color is more appropriate than ever.  It always reminds me of a cute princess.  As far as the heels, I know I can not keep my eyes of them as well.  They are my go to heels they always bring that extra bang or pop to my outfit.  It’s hard to believe that these heels are the most comfortable heels that I have in my closet.  It is like I am walking on cotton candy.  I can even have a Carrie moment from Sex and the City and run across town with these heels.  Ill share a secret my Jeffrey Campbell heels were only five bucks, these shoes were my hallelujah moment…they were basically free.

I guess I decided to ignore the weather man and wear the most flowy dress I can have in my closet.  The weather was super windy in LA, specially because it had rained the night before.  Lets just say photographing in this location was not the easiest to have.  I have to keep that in mind  next time I decided to dress up with whatever I feel like instead of looking outside my window.  Do you guys tend to follow the weather or does the weather follow you? How do you handle photographing in different climates, like for instance when the weather is windy?


IMG_3984 IMG_3921 IMG_3894 IMG_3856 IMG_3986 IMG_4014 IMG_3998 IMG_4047


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