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Summer Songs

IMG_2201 IMG_2197 IMG_2246IMG_2327IMG_2220 IMG_2210 IMG_2290    IMG_2376 IMG_2356 IMG_2743 IMG_2765  IMG_2617

Gladiator Sandals: Steve Madden //Zara off-Shoulder Printed Dress//

Summer is almost over.  I know we are taught to believe that summer is “officially” over after Labor Day, but I am a very technical person sooo…summer isn’t officially over till September 22.  I think I am just in denial that summer fun is a thing of the past.  Besides, in LA we are currently experiencing a crazy heat wave.  You know where I’ll be this weekend! The beach! Soaking up the sun.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend.


  1. First off the pictures are absolutely breath taking. I love the outfit and how you paired each piece together. Enjoy the rest of summer because like you I wait until it officially states it in the calendar or the temperature drops way past 80 degrees.

    • This has made my day. Thank you for stopping by. Yes I am still in summer state of mind. Cali weather can be awesome at times, but other times I wish I can have the feeling of winter.

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