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The Graduate


Dress: Betsy Johnson Heels: Steve Madden Dress: Nordstrom and top Heels: Sam Edelman

To say I am proud of my accomplishment will be understating the undeniable joy I am feeling at this moment in time. Not only is this degree for my future, but being the first in the entire Tapia family to earn a degree, I share this triumph with them. We came to the United States with one change of clothes, leaving everything behind. All of us with their families living under one tiny roof, with the dream of a brighter future. I intend on carrying my family’s name, break barriers, and push myself to the unknown limit. Being a first generation Mexican immigrant and the oldest in my family receiving this degree was a MUST. It was something I had to prove to myself, and show my siblings they can achieve more than I could!

I did this on my own and that is a thought which is engraved in my mind. All the rough nights of no sleep, studying at Denny’s till they kicked me out, and simultaneously hustling my growing business did pay off. I am in no way in debt because MY business helped me pay for my entire education. Hells yea!!!

De que si se Pudo, Se pudo! With courage and passion running through my veins I can most definitely do anything I set my mind to. Not only did I receive a degree, but I did it while being an owner of my own business!!

I will not be hard on myself on this and take a moment to be proud of my accomplishments. Not as a means to boast, but to tell YOU all, anything in this world is possible you just need to set your mind and your heart to it.

I am proud of my roots, a proud Mexican woman, the decisions I’ve made in my life, and where I came from because they have taught me the necessary lesson and have helped me push past comfort to strive for more. I am ready to continue the hustle and to explore the unknown beauty!

Thank you to my immediate family, my father for always pushing a strenuous job to provide the best life possible for us, my mother, for showing me the meaning of love, my closest friends aka ,

(you know who you are) and family members who have been a light on this journey.

From what I know, you only get one life, Live it up to all it can!!


Thanks to my girl Jessica for these beautiful shots

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