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Rosalina Suarez Photography



{Dress: Ay Que Vintage, Accessories: Forever 21}


I aways imagined where I wanted my blog to go as time went by I imagined that it would turn into  whimsical photographs  that were able to transport people into my adventures and locations. This weekend I got together with my cousin who is a photographer and owns her business in the photography field: Rosalina Suarez Photography.  She and I decided to have a small shoot between the break that we had during the wedding that we photographed the past weekend.  Which comes to a reminder that I have news for you guys.  As of now I dont know if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been posting as often because I have taken up another challenge and got the opportunity to work for Rosa (my cousin) in her wedding or special events.   She is very talented photographer and her skills are undeniably artistic I love that I am able to work with another person who shares the same passions as me.

I see summer as the time where I like to challenge myself to do new things, in general I am the kind of person who is goal oriented and I can’t wait for what this opportunity has in store for me.   Thank you very much to Rosalina Suarez Photography  for the gorgeous photo shoot and the editing of the first three photographs are breath taking.  I fell in love with the results and thank you very much also for the great time.  I see the edited photographs as my Yoda’s one day they I will master these kinds of skills.



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