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Peonies in the City


{Skirt: Forever 21, Top: Forever 21, Watch Marc Jacobs, Heels: Target, Bag: made for me by a local artist}

Hi  guys it has been a while that I have spoken to you and let me just start by saying it feels good to post something new to share with you all.  I just started my last semester in College and it has definitely been a crazy schedule.  One moment I am at work  (early in the AM) and the next I am school. Its hard to keep up with everything from my friends to family.  I know that all this struggles that I am facing in life will be worth it.   I am one step closer to receiving my AA degree in business  and that is literally talking, by the end of December I will be receiving my degree.

The city.  So many beautiful things to say about it.  Since i was younger I viewed Down Town Los Angeles as a hidden treasure.  Every corner brings something different.  From the Disney Hall, the art that is seen in every street, and I can not forget the new trendy restaurants that are arising in this city.  I feel that every time I walk in the city I can feel the history behind it.  All the 1920’s glamour to the new trending underground fashion scenes of today. I can say that The City is my muse.  Shes so beautiful….I just can’t keep my eyes of her. Her alluring curves, she stands so tall, and their is nothing that compares to her.  This is the reason that I like to come here…with all my chaos she knows how to center me.   To my muse: “Your Fire is my Fire”  -Ben Saphiro



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