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La Cuesta Encantada

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{Dress: Tj Maxx, Wedges: BCBG, Hat: Forever 21}

This is the trip that literally took my breath away.  I’ll start by saying this: my photographs give no justice to the beauty of this location. The view of this estate was breath taking in one corner I was able to see the Pacific Ocean on the next I was able to see the mountains.  The castle was a place where all the top celebrities would come by invitation and stay a couple of days in this beautiful location, people like Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney were some of the guest that were privileged to be invited  to the castle.  As I was walking in the castle I was thinking of how amazing it would have been to be one of Hearst’s esteemed guests.   I dressed the part with my little white dress, you know and try to make it a little bit more special.  The dress reminded me in a way to the Roman era, one of the many themes the Castle held.

My love and I wanted to do a final summer trip for the year.  We got our things and drove down the coast while listening to good tunes.  We stopped by Solvang to have breakfast and continued on our way.  It was the great way to end the summer.  This trip left me with some good memories.  I can not wait for next summer.


  1. I love your lacy number! Especially well paired with the stripe-infused espadrilles. Not to mention the background is amazing! Great blog, definitely following you 🙂 – Lena


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