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Cheetah Power

IMG_5487IMG_5559IMG_5452IMG_5470IMG_5369IMG_5627IMG_5573IMG_5430IMG_5531IMG_5146IMG_5151IMG_5237IMG_5319IMG_5169IMG_5338 I am a true believer of the power of an outfit.  Let me explain myself I think that an outfit has the power to turn a crappy day into a fabulous one, if of course you are wearing a slamming outfit (oh that right I went Save the Last Dance quote on you) This jumper in particular has the power to make me feel so sexy specially on those days, that I am feeling a bit insecure.  I wore it before and this time I wanted to give the romper a more glamorous /mysterious look. Note of the day guys if you are feeling down, wear your best outfit.  You never know how your day may turn out. XOXO Charms of Penny


    • I thought the same thing I love that combination. I always wanted to do this combination, but I had to get a bit more fit to put on the tight romper. lol

    • Thank you for stopping by. I loved the details of both pieces I just had to mix them together. I am currently using a canon 5d mark 2. Best thing I invested in.

  1. Everything about this look is perfection.
    Location, hair, lipstick, shoes, animal print, peek-a-boo back…I could go on and on but the point is – bravo 🙂

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