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Gloomy Roadtrips

IMG_7841 IMG_7892 IMG_7801 IMG_7804 IMG_7809 IMG_7811  IMG_7882 IMG_7970IMG_7772 During the weekend my boyfriend and I decided to spontaneously take a small road trip to Hearst Castle again.  We just love taking trips it takes us away from normality into our own little world.  As suppose to last time the weather was very cold and foggy it gave the Castle I different look I focused more on photographing the location its just so beautiful.  Hearst Castle like last time left me dreaming of another era.


    • Yes Lauren it was ☺️ I wanted to put the pics up, but it didn’t give the location any justice. I cant wait to go back. When did you visit?

      • Lauren Nakagawa says

        I look forward to going back again too, I think the last time I went was a few years ago..I definitely want to go in Spring when it’s perfect weather 😀

    • I had to. I was having a bad hair day. A hat is a quick fix to those bad hair days lol. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. P

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