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The Forest Nymph

IMG_6712 IMG_6672IMG_6703 IMG_6737 IMG_6723IMG_6696IMG_6800IMG_6828IMG_6845I spent the majority of the time frolicking in this forest during our vacation.  It had the perfect scenic view full life and beauty.  It over looked the bluest ocean that I had ever seen before nothing compares to how peaceful I felt that day. I looked to my right and there where these acres of mighty green trees.  I felt like a mythical creature running and exploring this beautiful location.  The beauty of this is the location felt like a hidden gem. There was nobody around to enjoy this place and what it had to offer.  I was ready to witness the sun set to explore a new day.


  1. SUCH a great shoot, with the light playing off all the colors of your beautiful dress!
    Killing it honey, killing it!

    • Thank you chica! I found the dress, by luck on a pit stop before heading to Big Sur. I love the whole boho look of it. It was perfect for this location. I definitely recommend that you go to Big Sur. You will love it.

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