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It is the last days of winter and I was feeling a little men’s wear vibe going on, while wearing my pant suit and plaid coat.  I wanted to give my outfit a tough look by adding my Jeffrey Campbell boots, which have become my favorite.  I have never seen a pair of boots more interesting than this bad boys.  I love how the straps wrap around the shoe and that they are a blue hue, it is the cherry on top.  I had to keep the colors close to each other so that my coat will pop out.  This coat is so Inpesctor Gadget meets Paul Bunyan in a concert. ha! You can say this is my 2015 outfit giving a kind farewell to winter with a bang of Kool Aid.

The Art District in LA is one of those places that I have had on my list of places I want to visit.  It is amazing spot in LA filled colors and different ideas.   It inspired me even more to grab one of my old sketch books and let the ideas pour out.  I will be going back soon and get in touch with art side more.


    • Thank you Danika it was my way of feeling more empowered, specially for international women’s day. I loved how the outfit made me feel more in control.

  1. Axie loves fashion says

    I love your coat and his colours! This is so nice.

  2. Those boots are the BUSINESS.
    LOL @”Inspector Gadget meets Paul Bunyan in a concert”
    That’s a good way of putting it but that coat is fabulous, as is that background!!


    • Thank you I think that comparison was side effect of one too many coffee cups.

      The boots were one of my first splurges I usually don’t spend so much, but they were a must have specially because they are Jeffrey Campbell and they were 75% off in http://www.Nordstromrack.com a current obsession of mine at the moment.

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