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Girly Dress

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It’s funny to think how fast time flies and how changes occur so suddenly.  We are now getting close to hitting June, it’s the half way point of this year!  I looked back on the goals I had set for 2015, and so far I haven’t accomplished half of them.  One of the goals I did accomplish was walking for my graduation and receiving my AA degree.

This weekend was my graduation from Cerritos College I received my AA degree in Business Administration.  It was the boost I needed to push myself harder in the University I am currently attending; CSULA, I am working on receiving my bachelors degree in Finance with a minor in Economics, If all goes well I will be the class of 2017.  I do dare to dream and I do dare to make these dreams become a reality.

So many changes have happened this year from family getting bigger(my cousin is having a baby in June) to me cutting my hair( I know its not as big as a baby, but it was a huge transformation from having long hair to this new do).  I feel like I’ve changed in so many ways, but they have all been for the best.  My sense of style has also been changing I am constantly trying out different looks, but now I feel like I am slowly becoming my true self in my style and life.  My staple has forever been 1950’s dresses.  I don’t know what it is..OK maybe I do I just love how girly it makes me feel.  After doing my crazy workout routines every morning  it feels great to transition in to something more feminine and classic.


  1. Aw I love this summery look.
    The colors are nice and light and the hate gives it a classic touch.
    Very cute look!

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