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Love Affair with Lace

IMG_9951The word is out! Or has it been that obvious? My love for lace dresses continues.  Is it trending in fashion right now? I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.  Lately as you saw on the post before I’ve grown obsessed with lace and cute vintage style dresses.  I am growing dangerously close to kinda sounding like a broken record when I say, this type of dresses are so chic to style. It makes me feel so comfortable and lady-like at the same time.  Gents, that is not a bad combination.

Currently I am looking for inspiration.  I feel that I’ve grown detached to so many things that represented me.  Now that summer is near and I will have a short break (2 weeks of school) I can focus on bringing to light my adventorous and free side.  I will keep you posted on my goals for the summer.

One of them has come true if you are following me on Instagram, and you should be: Ligerlily18,  you saw that my boyfriend and I just experience the thrill of skydiving, we jumped off 18,000 ft. The feeling is unexplainable(it really is, kinda like holy crap I’m floating I’m ok…its really cold, now its hot, the wind dried up my saliva to then its alright now I can enjoy the gorgeous view, while my ears are buzzing in pain)  Other than my bodies experience.  The overall experience was awakening on how beautiful the world is.  It gave me a boost of motivation that I needed.  I am excited for what else comes in life and this summer.  Live life to the fullest and start working on your bucket list, you do not want to live a dull life full of regret.

I hope you all have a great week and Carpe Diem!

IMG_9984IMG_9942IMG_0099 IMG_0016 IMG_9948 IMG_0067

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