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Jump on It

IMG_9267Jumper is Vintage Heels:Steve Madden Stecy Heels  Backpack bought at TJ Maxx similar here: Leather Buckle Zipper Backpack

As a Fashion Blogger I never thought it would be so hard to photograph in public locations. This shoot by far was one of the hardest shoots.  Maybe that’s what I get for believing that a crowd of fans from the Pasadena Music Festival would not try to photobomb my photos.  Silly me!

This little jumper has become one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  Just as it looks it is very comfortable to wear I can not get enough on how spacious it is, so you know I let it all hang out and ate like there’s no tomorrow.  The only downside was the heels! I love them, but they are so darn uncomfortable.  It is okay though I forgive them, because I will be rocking them over and over again. (Can you say Love Hate Relationship?)

I hope you all have a great rest of the week.  Positive vibes from me to all of you.


IMG_9279 IMG_9335 IMG_9182


    • No way thank you so much. I think one of my friends said I also looked like Jessie J. lol It was a look i usually don’t wear I find myself doing that a bit more

  1. Haha that’s why I try to avoid wearing heels in the summer:p However, I have to say you look absolutely fantastic in that jumpsuit and those sandal heels may hurt like hell, but they are the finishing touch to your look 😉 Happy Monday gorgeous! xo Vivian

    IG // @twowardvivian

    • Yes kid you not it took my feet 15 min till they started to hurt. I wish they would invent heels that are fashion forward and comfy. Till then I will dream. Thank you for stopping by my blog really appreciate it

    • Hey thanks I was looking for accessories that were simple so they wouldn’t distract from the outfit. Lol I love Jessie J she is so balsy

  2. Love the entire look! The way you pulled that outfit was very well thought! The sandals give it that classy touch. Anyway, I’m so glad I found your blog! Really love it 🙂

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