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Denim Boho Flare

IMG_9921Flare Daisy Pants: Forever 21  Levis Denim Top, but similar in Mango

I am a true bohemian at heart.  With summer being here that inner chic nomad comes out even more than usual. Levis has to perfect mix of minimalism and boho, like the top I am wearing on the photos,  I had to pair it with my ever so cool flare pants.  Which I may say feel kinda like yoga pants, they are so comfy.

Bring on the festivals, long summer nights, and beach days!

I hope you all have an awesome week and I’ll Leave you with this question

My bf and I are planning a road trip towards the end of August so question guys Where are some awesome, but local places to visit in California? Can’t wait to hear your ideas

XOXOIMG_98632 IMG_9944 IMG_9899 IMG_9795 IMG_9744 IMG_9740


  1. I love this BoHo look! I am so jealous that about your trip to California. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun. As far as ideas, I guess it depends on which part of Cali you are hitting. I personally love San Francisco, so if you are heading to the Bay Area, definitely check out the festivities at Pier. There is always something going on, whether its people watching, shopping, or eating. You’ll like it there. =)

    • Thank you Christina, I wanted to bring back the 60’s to my wardrobe in a special way. I will more than definitely take a look at your blog. It is amazing how your designs came to life. Congratulations

    • Hahaha thank you Natalia, I was trying so hard to stay focused and “fierce” I had a group of people staring at me as I did this shoot…very intimidating

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