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Venice Walks

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Jean Midi Skirt: Forever 21 Juicy Couture Bandeau Halter Top (similar) Dolce Vita Strappy Heels Kate Spade Toucan Necklace

Venice: It’s one of those places I’ve had in mind to go back and photograph.  I stayed with a fond memory last time I visited  about a year ago the post can be seen here LOVE STREET  As I was seeing my photos from the last time visiting there I just couldn’t help and admire how much my photography skills have improved and the way I style myself has changed.  I am not saying I have reached a level of satisfaction because their is still a lot of things I need to work on, but I am happy with the process of learning the art photography and fashion.  One thing for sure has not changed my love for the carefree dreamer I became as I was walking this gorgeous canals  Each block has its own distinct style, I want to go back and photograph during winter imagine the outfit possibilities simply enjoy a calm walk with my lover and of course go to chick Penny Lane.

My outfit is very easy going it is my definition of a summer outfit it has all the right elements all it’s missing is a delicious Margarita in one hand.  Midi skirts are so relaxing to wear and as my fitness has improved I was able to show (not that I was going for that) a bit more of my toning with  this gorgeous top or as the fancy people call it bandeau I snatched this Juicy Couture top from Tj Maxx last summer in the clearance aisle for 10 BUCKS! now my bargain game is getting more on point.

My blogger ladies who have been doing this for a while I leave with this question: Have you seen how much your blog has grown since you first began your blogging journey? If so let me know I would love to hear all your great stories.

Have a great week and always make it better than the last!  Stay tuned I will soon be sharing my grand 2015 summer adventure.  (FYI its the first one of my summer I’m saving up for my farewell to summer adventure)


  1. The colors on this outfit work so well together! I love those heels they are amazing. Way to go on scoring that top for $10 bucks such a great steal!

  2. You look great! I love how colorful and daring this outfit is. I’ve grown a lot as a blogger. With my first serious blog I learned most of the things I know about blogging: design, schedules, social media… all the basics. And those helped me with this new blog, it seems amazing to me that within the first month I have more than 3000 visits, which was my record with the last blog.


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