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Bainbridge Island adventure

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Our first day in Seattle we decided to visit the best little island my eyes have seen, Bainbridge.  Even though the amount of layers we wore couldn’t keep us warm, the adventure we had that day is one for the books.  We started our morning by hitting General Porpoise

We started our morning by hitting General Porpoise Coffee and lets just say LA coffee shops and donuts have nothing on Seattle.  To this day I can still taste the Chocolate marshmallow donut and latte. Every bite was better than the last, honestly, I got a little sad when I gobbled my donut within a minute.  (I need to learn how to eat slow) See now I am craving one, but I have to stick to this daing healthy lifestyle.

On to the day… We went to Ferrie from Seattle to Bainbridge! I felt like a child seeing the world for the very first time.  It was beautiful! The scenery of the entire city is unbelievable, I can see why they call this city Emerald City.

We spent the entire day and afternoon there including a hike! yes! you heard that right with my Vince Camuto boots..pssshh I sorta had it because we had to literally run to a small store to buy extra gloves and socks.  All the stores on main street were so cute I had to snap a ton of photos like you can see.  One of the many things I loved about Bainbridge was the people they were so welcoming towards one another and get this they actually took the time to get to know you! One store caught my eye it was Amy Margaret Store, she is also a fellow woman boss and entrepreneur who creates and

One store caught my eye it was Amy Margaret Store, she is also a fellow woman boss and entrepreneur who creates and handcrafts her own jewelry line.   At the time she was just opening up her first official store. I can still remember the excitement in her soul when she was telling us the news and the love she had for her creations.  I believe when you do things out of love it brings success and welcomes the customer relationship they or we build.

We stopped by this restaurant to have a bite to eat and sorry folks I don’t remember the name…but they had the best fries I have tasted. As we were eating snow started to fall.  It looked like something you see in Christmas movies.

Finally we made our way back to the Ferrie with just enough time to catch the sunset.  Guys!! I had never witnessed and felt freedom as I did at that moment.  Yes! it was cold, but I was warmed by this adventure. I literally felt like I wanted to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in that moment in time.

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